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Research for the Future of the Internet

ISOC is bringing groups of networking researchers from all over the world together to share perspectives on the directions being taken by Internet researchers and to explore some of the opportunities and challenges for projects in this area. So-called ‘Future Internet’ research programs are now numerous around the globe, and the first gathering, during IETF75, explored some of the common themes running across all of these initiatives. The objectives for these sessions are to share awareness of the diversity of activities taking place, to provide an opportunity to present updates on new research results or project goals, to stimulate ideas and provide an opportunity for cross-pollination between research communities, to identify some of the commonalities and differences of opinion and approach, and finally to derive inputs for the IETF and IRTF.

ISOC is keen to help build bridges between research communities, and IETF meetings offer a good venue to do that. ISOC is also very keen to understand the implications of novel research results for the Internet, and to support the continued evolution of the Internet.

Internet researchers @ IETF77

Date: Wednesday 24th March, 2010
Location: Anaheim, California, USA


Internet researchers @ IETF76

Date: Wednesday 11th November, 2009
Location: Hiroshima, Japan


A detailed report including presentations, brief notes and an attendance list is available on the ISOC wiki.

Internet researchers @ IETF75

Date: Wednesday 29th July, 2009
Location: Stockholm, Sweden


A detailed report including presentations, references, attendance list and highlights of the discussion is available on the ISOC wiki.