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User Centric Internet

The User Centric Internet (UCI) is a new ISOC Public Policy program designed to reassert, in debates and discussions related to the future of the Internet, the importance of the design values and fundamental principles that have underpinned the Internet's success.

The Internet Society believes that principles such as openness, user choice and control, and edge based intelligence, among others, are central to a thriving Internet and, we believe, will be so for the foreseeable future. In focusing on "user-centricity", ISOC is seeking to ensure that the primacy of the user is not forgotten when it comes to new architectures, commercial offerings and policy making.

To promote awareness of these issues, ISOC has released the "Preserving the User Centric Internet" White Paper as the first of what we anticipate to be a set of papers exploring the various elements of the User Centric Internet. It is deliberately broad and introductory in its scope, asks a range of important questions, and points to a number of factors central to UCI that need to be taken into account in shaping the future Internet. We welcome comments and feedback at:

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