INET'96 Conference Organizing Committee

Lionel Hurtubise (Conference Co-chair)
President and Chairman, Ericsson Communications Inc.

Monique Lefebvre (Conference Co-chair)

President and CEO, CRIM

Bernard Turcotte (Deputy Conference Chair)

Vice President, New Technology Ventures, CRIM

Rejean Bernard (Local Arrangements Chair)

Director, Computing Services, Universite du Quebec a Montreal

Andrew Bjerring (Ex-Officio Member)

President, CANARIE Inc.

Claude Lemay (Fundraising Chair)

President and CEO, Alis Technologies Inc.

George Sadowsky (VP, Internet Society)

Director, Academic Computing Facility, New York University

Randy Bush, (Program Co-chair)

Lee Caldwell (Program Co-chair)

Director of Marketing for Internet Applications, IBM Corporation

Jean-Claude Guedon (Program Co-chair)

Tenured Professor, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, University of Montreal

Janet Perry (Program Co-chair)

Program Committee Members

Program Co-chairs
Randy Bush, NSRC & RAINet/RGnet, United States
Lee Caldwell, IBM Corporation, United States
Jean-Claude Guedon, University of Montreal, Canada
Janet Perry, United States

Internet Applications and Services
Peter Deutsch, Bunyip, Inc., Canada
Stuart L. Weibel, OCLC, United States

Transforming Internet Commerce and Reshaping the Market Place
Steve Crocker, Cybercash, United States
Tim O'Reilly, O'Reilly and Associates, Inc., United States
Bruno Oudet, Groupe d'Etude Pour La Traduction Automatique, France

Internet Learning and Teaching
Elise Boisjoly, SchoolNet, Canada
Richard Perlman, Pacific Bell Internet Services, United States

Networking Technology Frontiers
Guy Almes, Advanced Network Development, United States
Steven M. Bellovin, AT&T Bell Laboratories, United States
John Crowcroft, UCL, United Kingdom
Yakov Rekhter, Cisco Systems, United States

Internet and Social Transformations
Hans Klein, George Mason University, United States
Hebe Vessuri, Venezuela

Growing and Regulating the Internet: Economic and Policy Issues
Richard Mandelbaum, NYSERNET, United States
Michael Roberts, Educom, United States

Expanding and Enhancing Internet Access
Bruno Lanvin, UNCTAD, Switzerland
John Mack, U.S. State Department, United States
Florencio Utreras, Chile
Internet Case Studies
Tracy LaQuey Parker, Cisco Systems, United States
Dana Sitzler, TriCo Associates, United States

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