Session # A5: Multilanguage Support

Chair: Chris Weider, Canada

Multilanguage and Multicharset Web Server
Konstantin Chuguev, Chelyabinsk Technical University, Russia

Multiple language support over the Internet WWW
Chai Young, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Naa Govindasamy, National Institute of Education
Lee Chee, Nanyang Technological University

Languages on the Internet
Jean Bourbonnais, Alis Technologies, Canada
Franois Yergeau, Alis Technologies, Canada

Session # B5: Sales and Marketing

Using the Internet as a Tool to Build Customer Relationships: The Case Study of Virtual Businesses in Taiwan
Chung-Chuan Yang, Yuan Se Institute of Tehcnology, Taiwan

Daiichi's Internet Business
Jiro Mase, AT&T Jens Corp., Japan
Yoshitaka Senoo, Daiichi Corp., Japan

Strategic Impact of the World Wide Web at the Industry Segment Level.
Javier Sola, Spanish Internet Users Association, Spain

The challenges and solutions to provide a mass-market Internet service by a telecommunications company in Canada
Tom Manley, Bell Global Solutions - Sympatico Service Dev. USA

Session # C5: The Net as a New Teaching Medium

On-line Learning Via Real-Time Discussion of Web-based Case Materials
Mable Kinzie, PhD., University of Virginia, USA

Learning through the Internet: Lessons from the GNA-VSNS Biocomputing Course
Francisco M. De La Vega, CINVESTAV-IPN, Mexico

The World Wide Web as a New Learning Tool: A Longitudinal Study of WWW-Assisted Instructions (WAI) in Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness
Chung-Chuan Yang, Yuan Se Institute of Tehcnology, Taiwan

Facilitation of the CMC Learning Collaboratory in K-12 Education
Mike Emerson, ASPIN Phase III Director, USA
Larry Hunter, Tempe School District No. 3, USA

Session # E5: Communities and Networks

Community Computer Networks - Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Doug Schuler, Seattle Community Network, USA

The Rhetoric and the Reality of Canadian Community Networking
Garth Graham, Telecommunities Canada, Canada
Leslie Shade, University of Toronto, Canada

Effect of Information Technology Innovations on Outer Metropolitan Regions
Roger Stough, George Mason University, USA
Jean Paelinck, George Mason University, USA

Extending Internet Access to Rural Areas and Small Communities in the Midwestern United States
Paul Holbrook, CICNet, Inc., USA
John Clement, CICNet, Inc., USA

Session #D6: Integrated Services

Chair: Lixia Zhang

Design and Deployment of the Integrated Services Internet
John Wroclawski, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Implementing Integrated Services in a Commercial Router
John Krawczyk, Bay Networks, USA

End-to-End QoS Support on a PC
Raj Yavatkar, Intel, USA

Session # E6: Empowerment

Chair: Larry Yates, Social Justice Connections, USA

The Internet: What It Can and Can't Do for Activists
Larry Yates, Social Justice Connections, USA

The Effect of the Net on the Professional News Media: The Man-Computer News Symbiosis
Michael Hauben, Teachers College, Columbia University, USA

The Internet as a Liberating Technology: The Use of the Internet among Gay Communities in Taiwan
Chung-Chuan Yang, Yuan Se Institute of Tehcnology, Taiwan

Virtual Resistance: The Struggle for Racial Power on the Internet
Robert Mull, Washington State Universit, USA
Colin Beckles, PhD., Washington State University, USA
William Willard, PhD., Washington State University, USA

Session # G5: Economic Viability

Chair: Bruno Lanvin, France

Expanding Internet Access in Bulgaria - The Role of Commercial IP Providers in Connecting Bulgarian Universities to the Internet
Volin Karagiozov, University of Mining Geology, Bulgaria

The Red Cientifica Peruana as a Model of a National Network
Jose Soriano, Red Cientifica Peruana, Peru

From Access to Service: How to Launch an Internet Service
Mathew Lodge, Omnes, USA
Amanda Jobbins, Omnes, USA

Can this Connectivity Project Succeed? Predicting and Assessing Success in Internet Implementations in Developing Countries
Stephen Ruth, International Ctr for Applied Studies in Info Tech at George Mason University, USA
Robert Schware, Industry and Energy Department, The World Bank, USA

Session # H4: New Learning Environments

Chair: Jeff Holte, Technology Coordinator, Minnesota, USA

Nutrition Online: An Internet Based Distance-Learning Course
Nancy Cohen, University of Massachusetts, USA
Stella Volpe, University of Massachusetts, USA
Mary Laus, University of Massachusetts, USA
Patsy Beffa-Negrini, Keene State College, USA

The Website as a Worksite for Learning
Vivian Forrsman, University of British Columbia, Canada
John Willinsky, Canada

Making Web Space for Young Adults: Issues and Process
Sara Ryan, Internet Public Library Teen Division
Samantha Bailey, Internet Public Library Teen Division, USA

Internet Strategies for Empowering Indigenous Populations in Teaching and Learning
Ron Aust, South Regional Technology Consortium, University of Kansas , USA

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